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Sleep trends 2018

Binge sleeping, micro napping and enough daylight

AccorHotels, the parent company of Pullman Hotels, recently conducted a study about the most important trends about sleeping. The highlights of the outcomes are explained below:

1. Binge sleeping | In addition to binge watching – watching series non-stop – there is now also binge sleeping. This term refers to sleep sessions that can last for several hours.

2. Micro napping | Also the short afternoon nap of about 20 minutes remains an effective way to catch up on sleep and to be more energetic and alert for the rest of the day.

3. Sufficient daylight | People who spend time in daylight tend to sleep earlier and more than people who are mainly surrounded by artificial light. Hotels are increasingly opting for sleep solutions with light and smart technologies – such as sleep trackers that keep track of sleep patterns and slightly adapted to the biorhythm.

4. Good mattress | A good mattress plays an important role in the quality of sleep, according to research. Another study shows that an old and uncomfortable bed is one of the main causes of sleepless nights.

Care for more details, view the pdf with all the details of the research.


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