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From 10 to 17 November, it is time for GLOW in Eindhoven – the international light festival of Eindhoven.This year the event’s theme is: Shadows & Light.

GLOW Eindhoven, with its 740,000 visitors in 2017, belongs to the top 5 of the best light festivals in the world.The team of Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne is very proud that this edition the hotel is one of the 30 landmarks along the route of about 5 km.Kari Kola, signs for the design that will showcase our hotel – in the far surroundings.

Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne in a sea of blue light

The Finnish artist Kari Kola, known for the light art works Submerged (2017) and Magical Garden (2016), casts the hotel in a penetrating deep blue light using a high-power system. The dynamics of the area are focused on this spot, this moment. But don’t underestimate the strength of simplicity: this light art work is visible up to 2 kilometres into the sky and from 20 kilometres away.

Through the use of a single colour, this location, at the heart of busy streets full of cars, light and noise, will suddenly be transformed into a place of silence, strength and contemplation.  Something Blue may join an impressive list of exceptional, international places that Kola has lit like this, including Stonehenge and Saana Mountain.

Kari Kola

“I’ve been interested in light for as long as I can remember. Light is everywhere and it affects the world and our daily lives in many ways. I’m from Finland and here the autumns and the winters last long and these seasons are very dark. I wanted to teach myself to use light to be able to utilize the darkness that surrounds me during those seasons. That’s why I became who I am. A Light Artist.

I have worked with light for around 17 years and I have generated over 2,000 projects on a leading role. I’ve worked with many historical castles and places and I’m specialized in working with these type of vulnerable sites. I have created light installations to several unique sites like UNESCO HQ, Stonehenge, Villa de Laak, Saana Mountain. I have worked both as a Technical and an Artistic Leader in several productions including festivals, operas, musicals, multi-art performances and opening ceremonies. These projects have been executed on both national and international level.”

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Press contacts Photo credit: Martijn Peters
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