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Pullman & Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility is essential for Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne. The hotel therefore attaches great importance to creating awareness of this subject together with employees and guests and to (continue to) work on this together. Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne is therefore taking various steps in this area in accordance with the sustainability strategy of Accor Hotels.


Accor aims for positive hospitality. Accor has been a committed group for many years, constantly pushing its boundaries. The Group announces ambitious objectives, focusing on 4 strategic points:

  • Make our employees aware
  • Involve our customers,
  • Innovate together with our partners
  • Working with local authorities

If you want to know more about the strategy, click through for more details.


At Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne we strive to make our business operations more sustainable. That is why we are currently working on obtaining Green Key!

What is Green Key?
Green Key is the largest international sustainability quality mark for the hospitality sector in the Netherlands. Companies with a Green Key quality mark meet strict standards within 12 sustainability themes and do everything they can to save the environment.

Our Sustainability Initiatives
To achieve this quality mark, we have already taken various steps:

  • Social Involvement: We have appointed a Corporate Social Responsibility coordinator. Feel free to ask us what we do for this.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning: We choose responsible cleaning products with an environmental quality mark.
  • Waste management: We separate as much waste as possible and have structured our working methods accordingly.
  • Energy and Water Savings: We use renewable energy sources, provide good insulation and use energy-efficient lighting.
  • Local and Sustainable Purchasing: We purchase local products and offer a wide vegetarian range of dishes on our menu.
  • Responsible Purchasing: Our toilet paper, printing paper and our fire extinguishers have an environmental quality mark. In addition, we avoid disposable items or only use renewable options.
  • Guest comfort: We do all of this without compromising on comfort and quality.

Our goal is to quickly obtain the Green Key certificate, so that we can offer our guests not only a comfortable but also a sustainable stay.

Together we ensure a greener and healthier planet!


Accor is ambitious when it comes to drastically reducing our carbon footprint. You can read all about it in this article.

To achieve this, Accor has focused on four topics:

  • Fostering a low-carbon mindset within our company and with our partners
  • A transition to ‘smart green hotels’.
  • Accelerating the use of green (wind and solar) energy
  • Achieving carbon neutral business operations ahead of schedule

For example, we recently launched a number of tools for our hotels and customers, including a ‘scorecard’ for hotels to build their energy performance and savings potential.

The ‘Net Zero Carbon Calculator‘ has been introduced for Meeting & Event relations. This tool helps them calculate the carbon footprint of a hotel stay or an event, so that it can be compensated.


Together, let’s help restore our Earth
Our planet is everyone’s responsibility. We must all make a collective effort to protect it, and Accor is committed to limiting its environmental impact with the involvement of our employees, brands, and guests.

>Reducing Food Waste, is one of our pillars to reduce Accor’s food impact on biodiversity and the environment. Pullman Eindhoven sets ambitious goals every year to reduce food waste.
Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne does not use plastic straws. We have been working with EARTH Water for quite some time. The recognizable and innovative cardboard packaging is made from 100% renewable raw materials, making it the most sustainable packaging on the market.


GO GREEN, SKIP THE CLEAN has been specifically designed to offer long-stay guests (two or more nights) the opportunity to opt-out of room cleaning services to reduce their carbon footprint.

As a recognition for this green gesture, guests will be given 100 Reward points for every day they decide to opt-out of cleaning services.

By default, every three days your room will be refreshed with essentials (towels, toilet paper, bin emptied).


Of course we also think it is important to participate in local events and initiatives. For example, Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne has been a partner & sponsor of both the ASML Marathon Eindhoven and GLOW for years.

We are also a social partner of Samen voor Eindhoven; we donate to Soepfiets and hold an annual collection of coats for the homeless. We are the social host of the annual WASdag and we support countless other donations and other activities.


Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne has, as the first hotel in the Netherlands, decided to participate in the CSR initiative CuPr. Used coffee cups are collected in hotels. These are then processed into pulp, which is later made into toilet paper. You will of course also find this high-quality toilet paper in the hotel. A strong form of circular economy, which Pullman can only be a fan of.

A circular economy is all about reusing products and materials. In this way, raw materials retain their value. Sustainability plays a crucial role in Pullman’s business operations. As a result, we responded enthusiastically. For us it is a concrete and clear way of waste separation. We have less waste, separate waste flows even better, plus the waste can be used as raw material for a new product. Win-win-win.

CuPr is a joint initiative of Bunzl | King Nederland, SCA and De Graaf Group.


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