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Pullman, the cosmopolitan brand of the AccorHotels group, continues ‚Artist Playground by Pullman‘ and demonstrates its commitment to contemporary art. Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne offers artists the opportunity to exhibit their work.


Pullman cherishes a love for art in all its forms and sets up a lot of bold collaborations with designers and architects. It stands out as an authentic cultural player, making art accessible through a range of talent. Artist Playground is a true ‚art corner‘ in the hotels of the Pullman brand and offers artists and designers the opportunity to exhibit their work. Art creates interaction with hotel guests. Hotels are no longer just a place to stay and eat, but a stimulating, creative and inspiring environment.

The program receives input from various local sources, such as galleries, conservatories, design schools, museums, concept stores, social networks, etc. Each player can contribute to the creation of this dynamic art gallery. For Artist Playground, Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne teamed up with the Holland Art Gallery. Over 30 years they entered the world of artists. Always looking for great opportunities, new ways, challenging opportunities and fresh art. A creative art agency with plenty of ideas, a clear vision and the network to bind talented artists to audiences, admirers, places and places.



Dutch artist Donald van Schilt has a passion for American muscle cars, typography, tattoos and icons from the past. He brings these fascinations together in his art. His work consists of semi-abstract compositions in which different images and materials are mixed. The result: mixed media collages with a raw urban look.

His collages come to life with the help of augmented reality. This addition gives depth to his work, allowing you as a viewer to virtually explore the different layers.


Alberto Ramirez LEG is of Spanish origin and he lives and works in Berlin. He specializes in large-scale portraits of famous people.

His goal is to focus his work on the representation of the individual in today’s society and issues of anonymity and privacy in the 21st century.

His work can be seen in many countries around the world and now also at Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne.


Twan van de Vorstenbosch was born in 1963 in Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands). Twan painted everything he saw at a young age. Without any training in drawing or painting, he evolved his own style and learned to use new materials. Encouraged by his parents, Twan developed into a driven artist.

His current work exudes ‘challenge’, both in form and content and has a cultural influence. The power in his work is due to the daring composition of image, color and material. His very varied themes, combined with his technique, ensure a balanced work with beautiful details. Twan describes his work as ‘Free Art Styling’.

Twan tells his story with his paintings. That is important to him. Like everything that he painted is original and artisan. Sometimes he seeks cooperation with his son Marvin (born in 1993). Designing, experimenting and painting together is becoming more common. Marvin, in turn, is encouraged by Twan to develop creativity.


Born and raised in the green hills of Limburg. In 1993 I completed the training to graphic/illustrative designer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Against this background, I am now working as a communications consultant. And in my spare time I paint.

Painting for me is an inner path acting the outer. I work with acrylic paint quickly and dynamically or in a precisely controlled and gentle way on the canvas. I use brushes, palette knives but also my fingers to create a lively work. This creates a play of power, tone, color and depth. My form language can be described as an abstract figurative style


The work of Lilian van Stekelenburg is colorful, fanciful, cheerful and appealing. Lilian is an Eindhoven multidisciplinary designer. Her prints and patterns are instantly recognizable. Designer, artist, stylist, collector: it all applies to Lilian van Stekelenburg (1966). Despite this extensive range of work over the past twenty years, Lilian has a very own style developed with a strong graphic impact.

Lilian received real fame with her flashy packing paper with icons of Eindhoven and the Eindhoven dress. “I like everything : so my work is not to to be summarized in one word. I’m Interior, product and graphic designer, stylist, collector, screen printer and artist. I can’t stand routine and regularity so this is for me the perfect combination.“, says van Stekelenburg.

Lilian finds inspiration in literally everything around her. Travel, magazines, packaging, internet, history, lyrics, ads, movies, books, comics, museums, graffiti, designs, pin-ups, tattoos, pop culture: everything serves as inspiration.


The work of George Heidweiller is essentially pluriform – in form, content and technique. From his classical back-ground, Heidweiller studied painting and graphic design at the Royal Academy in the Hague, he examines all possible techniques that a painting could master. You would be best to approach the art piece as an engineering collage.

Heidweiller combines gyclee, screen printing, oil paint, goldleaf and collage in a work. Despite the expressive fragmentation in his work, Heidweillers visual language is bright. He uses icons of Western culture, pin-up’s, torrero’s, spacemen, chevrolets and the skyline of New York with in-corporated advertising items such as Coca-Cola, but without the usual exhibitionism.


Jean-Paul Marsman, born in Nijmegen, is a notable Dutch artist who lives and works in Veldhoven. His work is bought by: collectors, galleries, museums and companies. His work is intense and full, a conversation or a discussion and one of the few artists who dares to use several styles of work.

On the one hand, there are colourful figurative works with graffiti-influences that rubs against Pop Art. Expressionist work in which image and text are equally important and re-inforce one another. This work reflects the rich imagination of the artist and comes from inspiration of everyday events, which clearly shows his graphic advertising background.

On the other hand, there are muted hyper realistic works. In which the classic craft of the 17th century the monumental painting techniques showcases the timeless nature of his compositions. These works are characterized by the refined detail and the layering of colours, that create true masterpieces.


Teis Albers is a contemporary mixed-media artist from Berlicum, the Netherlands. Albers brings elements from nature, pop and street art together on a digital canvas. The diverse elements, ranging from billboards to birds, show the contrast between city and countryside. While the artists sources are often older, the viewer keeps discovering new things in his intricate arrangements, with hidden details in every composition.


For artist James Chiew nothing arises from coincidence. All his creative expressions come from his huge urge to experiment and innovation. In his versatile mixed-media work seeks the originally Singapore self-taught always border on. That is reflected in his ideas and choice of materials. On quirky and original way combines James (photographic) images and objects with different materials, such as wood, metal, Acrylic paint, epoxy and everything else that is possible.


Alberto Ramirez LEG is of Spanish origin and he lives and works in Berlin. He specializes in large-scale portraits of famous people. His goal is to focus his work on the representation of the individual in today’s society and issues of anonymity and privacy in the 21st century. His work can be seen in many countries around the world and now also at Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne.


Donald van Schilt, co-owner of Frisbi, an advertising agency in Eindhoven, which offers customers all over the Netherlands refreshing designs. But he also makes personal work. His work is characterized by a rough urban look and a collage-like combination of various materials such as paper, cardboard and wood. His usage of colours adds to his work. Bold where it can be and serious where it needs to be.


Selwyn Senatori (1973) is the first to showcase his work. He is a Dutch pop art artist of Italian origin and famous for his figurative paintings. Inspired by ‚La Dolce Vita‘: food, quality wine, Italy, women and design. His motto: „It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle“. His paintings tell the story of his Italian background, as well as his interests. His work is exhibited worldwide, for instance in Milan, Paris, Norway, London, New York, Hong Kong and Moscow and in different cities in the Netherlands.

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