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Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne is the first hotel in the Netherlands, that has decided to participate in the CuPr CSR initiative. Used paper coffee cups are collected in the hotel. They are then processed into a paper pulp, with which toilet paper will be produced. Of course, this high-quality toilet paper is also to be found in the hotel. A strong form of circular economy, that is highly appreciated by Pullman.


Circular economy


In a circular economy, it is all about reusing products and materials. In this way, raw materials hold their value. Sustainability plays a crucial role in Pullman’s operations. That’s why we reacted enthusiastically to this initiative. For us, it is a concrete and clear way of seperating waste. We have less of it, manage to seperate even better, plus the waste can be used as a raw material for a new product. Win-win-win.

CuPr is a joint initiative of Bunzl | King Nederland, SCA and De Graaf Group.


Food Waste

Pullman Eindhoven has set herself a goal to reduce food waste with 30% by 2021. Let’s do this together!


From 1 November 2018 we will no longer use plastic straws, nor will we put plastic water bottles in the minibars. We will replace the bottles with Tetra packs.


Earth Water

For quite some time we are using  EARTH Water. The innovative paper packaging has been produced from 100% re-usable ingredients. It is the most CSR-friendly packaging option available on the market today.

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